Welcome ! (English)

This blog is the story of Pierre Keunen’s recovery… 🙂

On May 30th 2007, we learned that Pierre had a serious bone cancer: an Ewing sarcoma in the right foot with 4 metastases. We learned of Pierre’s illness just 3 months after his dad, Vincent, was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia, a type of blood cancer. Nice.

Vincent (see his blog) is out of danger, thanks to a “magic” drug called Glivec. Unfortunately, Pierre has a much longer trip to make. Here you will find the various stages of his treatment. We publish the evolution of his state of health in the section ‘Nouvelles de Pierre‘ (in French).

The treatment, called “Euro Ewing 99”, is as follows:

  • 2007/06/01 – 2007/09/07
    6 chemotherapies (during 4 days with 16 days in between)
  • 2007/10/01
    A 7th chemo (a little bit different from the other ones)
  • 2007/10/22 – 2007/11/15
    A final “high dose” chemo, in a sterile room (at CHU Liège)
  • 2007/12/20
    Amputation of the right leg, below the knee
  • 2008/01/21 – 2008/02/15
    Radiotherapy to the knees and right shoulder
  • 2008-2096
    Clear scans 🙂

Your input is welcome, in whatever language you feel comfortable with! You can publish an article in the guestbook or add comments to articles published by others. The manual (also in French) will give you some instructions in this regard.

Thank you in advance for your participation and support.

The family of Pierre (Lucie, his sister, Robin, his brother, Nathalie, his mother and Vincent, his father).

(thanks Vic)

Note: you can read an automatically translated version of this blog (it’s approximate, but it’s good enough to understand – usually) by clicking here.  All links that you follow from there will also be translated.  Thanks to Google.

  • Update January 2014: Pierre is now 17 and in great shape.  He enjoys life like no other.  🙂
  • Update October 2014: Pierre is still in great shape.  He left for Vancouver, Canada, for one year (part of the Rotary Youth Exchange Program – a great initiative).  As he says himself: “My life is a best of !”.
  • Update December 2018: Pierre is still in good health. His stump hurts very frequently – an almost daily reminder of his life-long challenge. He is studying Engineering (year 4) and goes to many parties (in fact, it’s a bit the other way around).  The Andaman7 project is progressing: http://bit.ly/a7vkblogen

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